Friday, June 12

Decisions, Decisions

It is that time again-

Time to get a new pair of glasses!!!


Oh the life of a soon-to-be Optometrists wife whose husband is working at an optometry clinic so I can get glasses for cost

Can I get another WHAT WHAT!!!

Oh and we have a little bit of coverage with the UofW so that helps too!!


So now I have decisions again-


Here is the first pair I really like

The only think that is stopping me is the color- they are pink- and I mean REALLY pink...

Now the whole point of this blog was that I was supposed to put both pairs that I was looking at up but the other picture SUCKS - it just doesnt do the other pair justice-

So it wouldn't be fair....


Then I guess it wouldn't be fair to leave you hanging either....

So here you go no matter how bad it is.....

(Oh to have a professional photographer following me around all day....)
How can you tell I took this one myself?


  1. I vote for glasses number 2...mostly because the first is so very Pink... WHAT WHAT!

  2. here's the thing about the first ones!!! they come in different colors!! so if you are sold on the frame and REALLY REALLY want it then tell them to find out what other colors they come in and they will order it in for you!!!! it will be great!!! either one looks great though!!!

  3. I really like the frame of #1 - but the colour is really pink. Is there another colour in the same frame? Because I think it frames your face really nicely....

  4. p.s. I wish my hair was as curly as yours!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!!! xoxo

  5. I agree with Eujean (in both comments). I wish I could go glasses shopping with you...really I just wish I could anything with you! When are we getting together?

  6. WHAT WHAT!!! I like the pink ones. They bring out your inner pink!


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