Monday, March 24


This girl of mine has had a loose upper tooth for an incredibly long time.  She was hesitant in getting it out- the last thing she wanted to feel was pain.  So day after day she would work on it.  Wiggle it a little bit here and there but she would not let anyone near it.

And then it finally looked like this.
 Hanging on by who knows what, and still it was a whole day before it actually came out!  Ruby would not let anyone touch it.  So finally I convinced her to let me tie a piece of floss to it and then I tied it to her wrist so that if she moved her arm it would pull on the tooth.  She freaked out.  So I untied it from her arm.  The floss was so long that it touched the floor even when tied to her tooth.  So when she went to walk away- she stepped on it and out popped her tooth.  She went from total fear to total relief and elation.  This girl is the best.
Here she is with new toothless grin.  I love this girl and her sweet face.  She's the best.

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