Monday, March 24

Picture Scavenger Hunt

It was one of those days today.
Justin took my keys with him to work (by accident) so we were home bound all day and by the end of it we were all ready to get out of the house!
So in our desperation to find something fun to do we headed to my own personal home away from home- Target (of course)
We met my parents there and had a little dinner and then decided to head to target and have a little picture scavenger hunt.
We had made the list up before we left the house and for a moment thought we had left it in the cart, found out it was 'just- in' Justin's pocket (found it 'Just-in' time, which coincidentally is Justin's favorite kind of time), put 15 minutes on our timers split into teams (girls vs guys) and away we went.
It was really fun.
Ruby was so fun to run around with.  She loved it so much!  And she knew where to find most everything (a girl after my own heart)
 Something blue

 The word happy
 fit into a small space
 something with spiderman
 pose with a mannequin
something that costs $5

This was so fun!  We all had a blast!  A highly recommended fun time!

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