Thursday, March 21

Room Service

We just got back from a great weekend in Calgary filled with fun memories.
Justin was asked to attend a conference there and was treated to a hotel room and room service.
It was awesome.  We didn't get there until around 9 so we has already eaten but who can pass up some free room service?  We ordered some cheesecake and some fruit, and were treated with some delicious chocolate cookies.
 Twelve dollar cheesecake.  We expected it to be a little bit larger, but it was enough to quench our sweet tooth!

The prince and princess and our room service tray.  Justin and I have never had room service or stayed in a fancy hotel.  So this was a treat for us too.  We stayed up late with the kids and just enjoyed the night.  I think we all had a great time.  Just outside our window was the Calgary Tower.  We were right across the street from it.  Noni had a little bit of a scare looking out the window (we were on the top floor) at the Calgary Tower.  He would not let Justin let go of his hand.  He was so cute.  It was just and unexpected and fun night.  Justin kept saying to Ruby  'Remember this night' and she kept replying 'I can't'.  I hope she does. She has the best memory of anyone I know- so I am confident she will be fine...

And Eldon was there- whether he enjoyed himself or not is still unknown...

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  1. I'm pretty sure Vector from Despicable me shrunk that cheesecake. "Take that tiny cheesecake!"


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