Friday, March 22

Eldon's Blessing

Eldon was blessed on March 3, 2013.

Justin blessed him and he did a great job.
I am so grateful for Justin, I really love him.  Do I say that enough?  I don't think I do.
I am also grateful for my babies.  I think they are awesome.  I love all their quirks and oddities.  I love all their normal moments too but quirks are what make kids awesome.  And my kids are awesome.

I am grateful for my family.  For the sacrifices they make for me.  Like travelling all the way to Medicine Hat for Eldon's blessing, or for allowing 22 people to stay at their house so everyone has a place to stay, or for renting a hotel room because they love us, or, the greatest sacrifice of all, letting us live with them.
I have an awesome family.  And I feel truly blessed.
I am grateful for good friends (who feel like family).  Good friends who support us continually and have no problem driving 3 hours early in the morning and then leaving the same day.  Good friends who are always there for us when we need them.  Good friends who make me happy.

Eldon's blessing went great, we had crepes after in celebration of Candlemas.  They were delicious.
I couldn't ask for more.  It was a great weekend.

Ruby was sick and so she wasn't able to really enjoy it, she also didn't make it into any photos.  The next weekend I dressed them all up in the same clothes to take fake blessing photos but I had the camera set to manual by accident and none of them showed up.  So perhaps next week I will get around to them.
I am happy to report that everyone in this house is finally healthy and feeling good!  Let's hope it lasts!!

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  1. Too bad I didn't get a matching tie too! Oh well, next time


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