Wednesday, February 20


What I like most about winters here are the chinooks.  They make winters bearable.  We have been enjoying an extended chinook (or dare I say the end of winter is nigh?) lately and it has truly helped with our sanity.  We enjoy the crazy amounts of mud and large puddles.  It is awesome.  Ruby and Noni love it, and I love it.  It just feels good to be out in the fresh air again.  Eldy is getting used to it, he sleeps through it mostly.  When we are outside I can feel the sanity return to my veins.  And I forgot how much I love mud and puddles.  I am looking forward to blue skies and warm weather but for now we will take the slight chill and the mud.


  1. Now you just need some deep green Hunters!

  2. I like frog Noni. Reminds me of frog mario from Super mario 3


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