Thursday, February 21

Bulk Barn vs the Babies

It all stemmed from my desire for sanity.  The desire to get out and smell the fresh air and to make my delicious granola.  So I took all the kids on a walk to bulk barn and to say it was the worst decision I ever made is definitely an understatement.  I will never do it again.  Never.  Eldy knew right away it was a bad idea and he made sure I knew.  

He cried the whole time unless he was held.  So I had to carry a crying baby  16 pound baby (yes he is 16 pds now) in one arm while pushing the stroller in the other and keeping an eye on my 3 year old who was very curious about the bulk utopian paradise...

At one point he even stuck his whole arm in the sesame seeds.  I did my best to scoop out what he had touched- like that is even possible.  At another point he reached into a bin and grabbed an m&m and started to put it in his mouth.  I quickly told him he couldn't eat it because we hadn't paid for it- so he started to put it back in the bin.  So I quickly told him he couldn't do that either and eventually relented and told him to just eat it.  Talk about mixed signals....  At least he was kind enough to share half with Ruby.  Ruby as always was an awesome help.

  Luckily she can hold the bag while i scooped, it was a little hard to do it all while I was holding Eldon.  Don't worry, she was rewarded with any candy of her choice.  She choose some weird banana candy that turned out to be incredibly delicious.  Noni got Swedish fish.  We survived, barely.  So bulk barn and the fresh outdoor air are complete opposites in my mind.  Sanity versus insanity.  The point- we will be walking as much as we can and we will avoid the bulk barn like the plague (at last when I am by myself).  I really like the bulk barn under normal circumstances, I will just have to go with back up next time...

(Can I just say I think my kids are awesome?)

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  1. I was sorry to hear about your worst idea ever. I always thought it was your strainer-for-a-hat idea, but I guess this one is the new worst idea ever.


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