Saturday, January 12

Good Deeds

Today brought me drama.  Car and snow drama.
One thing after another drama.
The kind of drama that has you asking two questions- 'Really?'  and 'What's Next?'
It began with a crazy snowfall.  Like 2 feet of snow.
Then Justin was taking Ruby to school and got stuck outside the house.  Mom and I didn't notice and luckily some guy came by and pushed Justin out and Ruby got to school and Justin got to work.
Then the time came for me to get the Rubes from school so I decided that I would take Noni since it was his birthday and I never take him and he really wanted to come.  
So I rushed and got him ready- which can be quite the feat especially when it is so cold outside.
We went outside and the first thing Noni does is walk into the huge snow bank.
He fell in all the way up to his chest.  It looked fun but he wasn't wearing snow pants and was covered in snow.
I grabbed him as quickly as I could and wiped him off then put him in his car seat.  He immediately started crying because the cold snow was touching his skin so I went to start the van to get it warmed up for him.
The van won't start.
Try again, nothing.
Just clicks.
Of course.
So I haul poor Noni back into the house, break the bad news to him- call Justin and go back outside.
By this time I am going to be late to get Ruby so luckily Justin's 230 appt didn't show up so he was able to run and get Ruby.
In the mean time I hopped in mom and dad's car so I could meet Justin at his work and get Ruby.
I was a little bit worried about getting stuck but thought I would go for it anyway.
Well- what do you know.
I get stuck.  Things were looking good.  I thought for sure I would be fine.  Sadly, I was not.
So I call Justin.  Of course.
He says he will keep Ruby at work until I can get there or until the end of day- whichever comes first.  At this point I'm thinking end of day.  The hard part is I am stuck in the middle of the road at an angle- leaving minimal space for anyone wanting to get around me.
So I kept trying to get out.  I shoveled, I rocked, I looked, I waited and tried again, I prayed.  
Still I did not get out.  
So I sat and waited a bit.  Tried again.
Still nothing.  In the mean time I thought my screen filter was on because my screen seemed dark so I pressed the screen filter button and it turns out that it wasn't on and I turned it on.  Now I cannot see my phone screen- which seems rather minimal but when I am trying to communicate via text with justin and I can't see my screen it is rather maximal.  I can't even see my screen to turn my screen filter off.  It was sad.
Finally a glimmer of hope.  A truck had driven by twice while I was trying to get out and I thought for sure that it would stop and someone would help me.  Turns out- no.  
But another good Samaritan did show up.  He couldn't get me out himself- he tried, I will give him that.  Luckily someone else saw our distress and came to the rescue.
I finally got unstuck and then the awkward moment came.  
You know the moment- these two guys have helped you get out- something you are grateful for and really should stop and thank them for but if you stop then you will most likely get stuck again and look like an idiot so you do the awkward wave out the window with a thank you yell to follow.  Sadly it doesn't truly show your gratitude to its full extent but what am I to do?  I just hope they felt my gratitude.
I went and got Ruby from Justin's work, we tried on a few glasses and headed home to finish Noni's cake and get the pizza dough ready.  
We had survived and Ruby got picked up in time and I learned a valuable lesson- Always stop and push people out of the snow, it will be appreciated even if they just wave and yell out the window to say thank you.
It was also this kids birthday- and this kid is awesome!  He fills my day with joy and mischief.  I really love him.  I see that sweet face and I just feel glad to have him around.  I can't believe that he is 3.  We had a little family party with him.  I will fill you in later.  But it included butt-staches.... of course.  You've never heard of a butt-stache?  Well stay tuned my friends, stay tuned...

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