Sunday, December 11

Our First Christmas Tree

We have been married almost 9 years now and have never had our own Christmas tree.  Never really had the need to- we have always gone home for Christmas- and when we were living in Waterloo it was normally 2 weeks before Christmas until a week after Christmas so no need for a Christmas tree.
Well this year was different since we weren't going home at all- so we headed to the best tree buying place EVER and got our Christmas tree at Brunner's.
Ruby had the job of picking the perfect Christmas tree, and she took her job VERY seriously.

She finally decided on this one.  The most beautiful tree there....

They tied it on the roof for us and we were on our way to hot chocolate and pie.  It was such a great experience and so fun for everyone.  I love Christmas.

 We headed home (after hot chocolate and pie) and decorated it with the 5 ornaments that we had.  We had to buy lights on our way home but didn't get enough (as you can tell in this picture).  I headed out later that night to get more.  We have since strung cranberries and made many more ornaments to adorn our tree...
How many other people have Rapunzel decorating their tree?


  1. Yaaaa! your first "big girl" Christmas:)

  2. How fun for you all, but sad for us all (hehe), we missed everyone for christmas.....but happy that you were able to have an awesome christmas together.....


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