Tuesday, January 11

One Is The Oldest Number This Kid's Ever Seen...

Today marks the momentous occasion of our little Noni turning one.
He is a one year old.
It is shocking to the motherly system.
He is marking this occasion by doing his best to become a walker today.
If he keeps practicing and stops dive bombing to his destination I could see it happening.
But I'm ok with him being a crawler for a little longer.
My motherly system can only take so much.
He is becoming quite the little guy though.
He has always been a charmer and still is.
He does his best to fit in with the older kids- but still cries when his crawling doesn't keep up with their running and they lap him.
He does this really cute high pitched yell when he is happy to see you.
Mostly Justin gets it because he is the one who leaves for work and comes home but I have had the 'Noni Welcome' a few times and how sweet it is!
Last week we were at play group and Noni had 2 folding tables that were leaning against the wall fall on him and he only got squished in half a little bit- and only cried for a few minutes- so he's pretty strong.
Noni is a chunk.  He has got the rollie pollie belly, the ravioli hands and feet, the puffy cheeks, and I don't even want to get started on the size of his legs!  As for his bum- lets just say that many a person has been tricked into thinking he has a full diaper when in fact it has been empty and clean...  He is only a few pounds away from Ruby and going strong- need I say more?
Noni has the most wonderful dimples EVER.  He gets them from his dad- and I love them!
He has the tiniest ears ever- we aren't sure where he gets those- but they are still cute.
Myers loves to learn and is always learning new tricks.
His favorite food is mandarin oranges.  He loves them.  And really who can blame him?  Easy to peel, no one looks at you weird when you eat 2 or three at a time, they fit in your pocket, they can substitute for a ball if needed and of course they are delicious- I think I have convinced myself that they are now my favorite food...
Noni loves Ruby and as far as I can tell the love goes both ways.
Infact I am pretty sure every one loves Noni, What's not to love?
He is such a wonderful little guy....


  1. I love Noni!! I was thinking, maybe his ears seem so small because the rest of him is so big and one day... everything will even out. :)

  2. What a cute fat-head. Happy Bday little buddy!

  3. Thanks for sharing, very nice blog...
    Im the newest follower to your blog, hope to see you on my page too...


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