Sunday, July 26


Recently we were holidaying with my family in Radium and had a great time.
We went to the park, the pool, the beach, watched movies, played games, went for hikes and did whatever we could to keep everyone occupied for the 7 days we were all together.
There was one thing that we were lacking- Toys
We just didn't have the room- we were all packed to the hilt...
So we had to improvise- and we did- with Freezie Friends.
Mega supersized freezies- unfrozen mega supersized freezies- and the kids loved them- they all got into carrying around their freezie friends.
And the proof:

So after Radium we took a 12 hour drive to oregon to spend time with Justins family at another resort. If it wasn't for Little Mermaid and our pink freezie friend we wouldn't have made it through....
Until the plastic had taken all that it could- and leaks started sprouting. We tried duct taping it but the pressure was too much for our little freezie friend and it was time to change it from liquid to solid...
It was quite a sad day- and still Ruby asks for her freezie friend and everytime we mention it or open the freezer she cries for her freezie friend.
It was her BFF you know (Best Freezie Friend).
We are working on a replacement.....

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  1. RUBY!!! Look at your cute hair and how long it's getting - and it's gonna be CURLY!!! :) Hugs and Kisses till September :)


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